Joseph Duda recently completed a science fiction novel of 120,000 words entitled The Travelers - Evacuation, the first portion of a trilogy.  The book was recently published by BookBaby, an e-book publisher, and is available through all the major publishing houses. (Order below)  The novel has wide-reaching applications to life today and may prepare us for an amazing future. The following is an abbreviated synopsis of the novel.

Two interwoven tales affect the destiny of a planetary population: a world leader's tenacious and concealed reliance on extrasensory abilities to govern a planet jeopardizes her position and challenges the sanctity of all she holds dear; generations later, her great-great-great granddaughter's personal search for courage pits her obvious physical accomplishments against her own unspoken paranormal gifts—the true source of her talent.
Joseph  Duda
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The Universe is a series of interconnected, interdependent hologramsmicrocosm upon macrocosmthe architecture of the spheres, metaphors of reality created, 
ultimately, by our perceptions.
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When scientists verify that the planet has a rapidly decaying orbit and within three generations will be uninhabitable, Senior World Councilor Tevaha, against all conventional wisdom and a covert high-level conspiracy, utilizes intuitive and psychic gifts, understandings of the Laws of the Universe, and a benevolent other-dimensional group of mentors to generate a potential solution to her planet's crisis. Five generations later, Tevaha's namesake descendent Teva, a young superstar architect, devotes every waking moment to the furious design of twenty-four Spaceports—receptacles for ships destined to evacuate the entire population. Mission successfully accomplished, Teva realizes her professional drive has left voids of family, relationship, and emotion—an awareness that hits her hard when she boards the last vacating ship and finds she has no more career and, worse, no one to turn to.
The stories of the two heroines counterpoint one another chapter by chapter, merging when Teva discovers a method to seek Tevaha's advice on a pressing issue and finds herself ironically positioned to dramatically alter the existence of the very future in which she exists.

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Similar to Lem's Solaris and Crichton's Sphere, where reality manifests through unconscious memories and emotions,The Travelers demonstrates how thoughts and intentions may be consciously applied to create reality, though sometimes with unpredictable, startling, or humorous results. The challenges facing Tevaha and Teva could appeal to avid science fiction and metaphysical readers alike—those seeking not only entertainment, but answers, or at least possible solutions, to similar, perplexing personal and global situations confronting us presently.

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As a successful licensed architect and contractor responsible for the design and construction of projects worth almost $2 billion, Joseph Duda has overseen the $75 million remodel of a major airline terminal and, thus, understands what it takes to design and build one, as one of the heroines is tasked. In addition, during the past 30 years, he has conducted seminars for thousands of people on alternative healing and the power of conscious thought to create what one desires.  Both concurrent professions have required the development of detailed proposals and manuals, allowing him to finally put some practical use to his undergraduate degree in creative writing.

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For so long considered a second-rate category to other writing genres, Science Fiction should be allotted its true place in literature.  The reason Science Fiction is so important is because SF authors create the future. They bring through ideas, technology, and new thought, put it all down in written and spoken word, and then send it out into mass consciousness.  When enough people (a critical mass) think about and truly consider the plausibility of a concept, it becomes reality.  Think William Gibson, who in 1982's "Burning Chrome" coined "cyberspace".  Few grasped the concept at the time, but as the internet took hold in the 1990's, we not only had a word to describe our experience, we had a definition and an understanding, as well. Coincidence?