Creation of Sacred Space

The following methods, techniques, and principles are a sample of what is available to assist clients in the design and building process:
  • Full Architectural Services from Pre-design through Construction Administration exclusively for California clients.
  • Application of non-traditional methods of Sacred Geometry.
  • Employment of appropriate and indigenous materials for area and building.
  • Use of "green", noninvasive building materials where available and possible.
  • Siting for the best use of the building and environment.
  • Application of solar and natural orientation methods including                                      maximization of sun angles, views, ventilation, overhangs, and landscaping.
  • Utilization of nonintrusive architecture and building.
  • Employment of a unique form of Feng Shui.
  • Use of regenerative planning, construction, and building.
  • Incorporation of the end user functioning system dynamics.
  • Awareness of Earth Forces and energies: Axi-A-Tonal Lines, Ley Lines, Vortices, etc. Determination of what and where they are and how best to work with them for the desired purpose.
Management Assistance

Firms requiring support in areas of planning, administration, and management will benefit from these areas of expertise:
  • Development of internal management systems and company standards including reporting, scheduling, and tracking systems.
  • Co-creative, synergistic planning, design, and construction methods.
  • Firm restructuring from hierarchical to spherical.
  • Architectural, Construction, and Management leadership.
  • Creation of Procedural standards
  • Proposal development and presentation.
  • Contract negotiation and formulation.
  • Graphic design.
Intentional Communities

Communities seeking advice on the formulation and perpetuation of intentional gatherings may receive guidance on the following topics:
  • Searching for or attracting community members of like mind and intention.
  • Creating Vision and Mission Statements.
  • Formulating an appropriate business plan and other agreements.
  • Plotting the day-to-day activities that support continuance                                                           of the Community.
  • Locating the perfect place for community - either by using existing                                   structures or planning from the ground up.
  • Planning the community architecturally and functionally.
  • Phasing expansion and construction as the community grows.
  • Providing methods of consensus-based conflict resolution.
Joseph  Duda
       Dedicated to Craftsmanship, Service, and Integrity.
For residential, intentional community, and all projects, joseph c duda architecture investigates and develops innovative, state-of-the-art design and construction techniques, utilizing sustainable, regenerative, Earth-conscious methods and materials.
contact:  505-501-1984              santa fe, new mexico, usa
“Sacred Space — A place of Unity where the illusion of separation may be acknowledged 
and released with dignity and grace.”
                                                                                           — Joseph C Duda, RA, NCARB, M Arch