Southern California's Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District overwhelmingly passed a local bond to expand educational facilities on sixteen separate sites and perform much needed and overdue maintenance repairs. 

Heading a professional team that sometimes reached into the hundreds, Joseph Duda was Program Director for the five-year $115 million effort. Besides directing professional and technical staff, Joseph functioned as the 
single point source contact for the client, formulated
financial, schedule, and construction status reports, and 
managed all architectural, construction, and other contracts 
and agreements.  He coordinated program-wide issues, 
provided for staff development, and headed up internal 
meetings.   Joseph developed procedural standards for 
District joint venture, advised the client on legal issues, 
and ensured the budget requirements of the District
were enforced.  Joseph represented the joint venture at 
Joseph  Duda
       Dedicated to Craftsmanship, Service, and Integrity.
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
contact:  505-501-1984              santa fe, new mexico, usa
School Board, Oversight Committee, community meetings, and numerous other functions in an extremely political environment.

As President of his own Construction Management firm, Joseph was a Principal of the joint venture that oversaw the District's Program.  Joseph directed and helped create the program budget, hired staff, coordinated the architectural process, and reported progress in detail to the client.

Midway through the Program, tragedy struck. The Northridge Earthquake with dual epicenters, one in Santa Monica, created considerable damage, red-tagging a few buildings and seriously damaging others.  Joseph formed a team of professionals to assess destruction throughout the District, write and submit formal reports, and interface with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to ensure that the District would receive over $15 million of available federal funds.