The client requested an architectural solution to a formerly "non-appraisable" residence. Numerous alterations to the home by former residents created unsafe, unattractive, and unsightly conditions that required creative and economical solutions. As an answer to the most glaring external issues, the addition of a series of walls provided visual screening from close neighbors, unified the property, and delineated areas into terraced gardens, a cozy fire pit conversation area, and other outdoor living spaces. An outbuilding that organically grew out of the walls was converted into a guest house and architecturally echoes the abandoned shacks of the surrounding local former mining community.

Two-toned, rough textured, earth-colored stucco was applied to the wall system and the entire house, unifying the site even further. The addition of a second story deck overlooking the rear of the property increased the view opportunities as well as the property value.

A schedule of future construction activities for the client was developed that, over time, will bring the residence back to and beyond its former beauty and functionality. The architectural improvements are being phased and are not complete to date.
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