In the last 20 years, the Los Angeles Unified School District has awarded over ten billion dollars worth of contracts for the design and construction of new, addition, 
and reconstruction projects for their facilities.

​​​The joint venture was short-listed and requested to present qualifications and the management team before the LAUSD Selection Committee.  During the interview, Joseph utilized PowerPoint in a unique manner by projecting presenters' qualifications behind them as they addressed pertinent issues.  The team members were carefully matched one-on-one with Selection Committee representatives to ensure that all key District "hot buttons" were addressed.   The strategy worked and the newly formed joint venture was awarded a contract with a fee of nearly $4 million annually for the term of the Program.

During the District's earlier ABC Bond Program, Joseph functioned as a Project Manager responsible for project coordination and administration, pre-design and design supervision, bid and pre-construction procedures, securing and proper allocation of full state funding, and construction progress management for seven addition and new school projects. Project values were in excess of $35 million. Other activities included the overseeing of scheduling activities for 37 LAUSD projects and the development of strategies for and participation in marketing presentations.
Joseph  Duda
       Dedicated to Craftsmanship, Service, and Integrity.
Los Angeles Unified School District
contact:  505-501-1984              santa fe, new mexico, usa
Joseph Duda was Principal-In-Charge of construction management projects for a major portion of LAUSD's $2.4 billion new reconstruction and maintenance project bond - the second largest public school bond ever passed to date - and subsequent bonds that continued the building and re-building efforts. The District sent out a Request for Proposals to all qualified Construction Management firms in the United States. Up against some of the largest and most proficient public works CM firms, Joseph forged an agreement to create a joint venture with a small woman-owned minority CM company.  The firms had a combined available workforce of only five professionals.  Within three weeks, the team had assembled a wide-ranging lineup of over 150 people with 40% minority representation.