As Earth Citizens, we have all witnessed that the Planet and its inhabitants are in trouble. An exploding population, the devastation of natural environments, outdated and ineffective governmental structures, dwindling resources, and rising costs are a few symptoms of an unbalanced system. And yet, we are not victims. We are merely experiencing a perfect reflection of our individual and combined consciousness manifesting in form.

One method to shift the current paradigm is simply to assume responsibility on a number of levels. Nothing is happening to us—we are creating as we go. First and foremost, it is imperative we be personally responsible for our thoughts, words, and actions for they indeed instantly shape our present circumstances and ultimately mold our future existence. Next, we carry that personal integrity into our immediate and extended family relationships. When family associations and communication lines function to support the loving actualization of each member's full potential, the well-being of our generational lifeline is galvanized. Thirdly, we take the family structure and extend it to the communities in which we participate. Communities function as living interconnected networks that support the advancement and perpetuation of education, technology, spirituality, human growth, culture, and life itself. These vital, dynamic, and complex organizations—human, animal, vegetal, mineral, and all others—synergize to create the patterns that comprise our Planet, our Solar System, our Universe. By taking full responsibility for our personal lives, we ensure the preservation and maturation of all systems that our lives touch, which, ultimately, are all systems that exist.

Earth is a living Being and many of us have lost connection with her. The survival of the human race depends on co-creating with the Planet in the ancient ways—getting in touch with Earth rhythms, feeling the flow of the Planet's life currents, building in a manner that honors natural materials and bio-systems, and respecting all of Creation.

By utilizing these Universal Principles, joseph c duda architecture offers a new paradigm of design, management, and building that is co-creative with the land and the intention of the client. 
The techniques are time-honored, regenerative, and cost effective. 
The result is a loving expression of Sacred Space in form.
Joseph  Duda
       Dedicated to Craftsmanship, Service, and Integrity.
"True Architecture is not about the creation of buildings - 
it's about the creation of space.
My commitment is to ensure that space is sacred."
                                                                                           — Joseph C Duda, RA, NCARB, M Arch
The Santa Fe, New Mexico Architectural firm of joseph c duda architecture solves pragmatic design and construction challenges through an integrated synergy of intuitive 
analysis, practical application, and proven building record.
contact:  505-501-1984                   santa fe, new mexico, usa