Joseph Duda has been responsible for the completion of around a half billion dollars' worth of projects specifically under construction management scenarios.  Most projects were publicly funded and all are high-profile, public-use facilities.  Being a licensed architect, a licensed contractor, and a construction manager has enabled him to weave the professions together in a synergistic manner.  This has empowered all members of the building process to function at their highest levels and provide maximum results.  In an architectural role, we would always suggest the incorporation of a CM into the procedure, or at least for a contractor to join the team early in the design phase.

Construction Management (CM), as defined by the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), is a project delivery system that uses a construction manager to facilitate the design and construction of a project by organizing and directing personnel, materials, and equipment to accomplish the intentions of the designer and the client.   It is a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost, and quality.


​​​The construction industry typically includes three parties: an owner, a designer (the architect/engineer), and the builder (the contractor or constructor).   Traditionally, these three parties work together to plan, design, and construct the project.   In Construction Management, an additional party is engaged to act as an advisor and point contact of the owner for all three parties. The role of the construction manager is to provide construction advise to the designer/architect (assuming that the designer needs such advice), and design advice to the constructor (again assuming the constructor needs such advice). In addition, the construction manager may purchase some of the materials, and administer certain subcontracts.

Unlike the Design-Bid-Build (traditional) method of delivery, where the owner engages a contractor to build the project under a construction contract, the construction manager is employed by the owner and acts both as a consultant to, and an agent for, the owner.

Employed at the same time as the design consultants, the construction manager works alongside the designer (architect) as a team member, sharing construction experience with the team as the design evolves, and taking responsibility for the control of the project budget and project schedule, both during the design and documentation phases (normally the consultant's responsibility) AND during the bidding and construction phases (normally the Owner's and General Contractor's responsibility).

The projects under the Construction Management tab were completed by Joseph Duda's Construction Management Corporation and/or in his capacity as a Construction Manager, Program Director, Principal-in-Charge, or Vice President of multi-million dollar capital improvements programs. 
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